Temporary Leave

Going to college or for marketing or any other personal work are treated as temporary leave where the boarder leaves the hostel only for a short period. In this type of leave, the student has to get the permission of the hostel Superintendent before leaving the hostel premises. If any student stays away for a longer period than the time allowed the caretaker has to inform the Superintendent. The boarders may be allowed to go out side (Marketing) only on Sunday form 10.00 am to 3.00 pm at their own risk and Hostel/College authorities are not liable for any incident during their stay out side the Hostel.
Permanent Leave
When a boarder wants to go on leave from the Hostel, he/she has to complete the following procedures.
 a) A boarder is only allowed twice in a month to visit her local guardian’s house.
 b) The boarders may be allowed to go to their residence after submitting an application duly countersigned by the guardian clearly indicating the purpose of visit, period of stay etc.
 c) The hostel Superintendent, after being satisfied with the purpose of the visit may approve the application. Unless the same is approved, the boarder cannot go out of the hostel.
 d) While coming back from their residence after expiry of leave, they should obtain a letter from the guardian/parents/ L.G. stating the time and date of their arrival at home and time and date they left their home for the hostel.






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