No boarder is allowed to keep bicycle/motor vehicle/ radio/ television/ tape/ computer/ mobile phone in the hostel.


No outside person can enter the hostel without the permission of the hostel superintendent.


Guest/ friends of the boarders are not allowed to stay in the hostel, without the prior permission of the superintendent.


Holding of any meeting, organizing any feast are not permitted without the prior permission of the superintendent.


Circulation of notice and raising any subscriptions etc. by the boarders are not permitted without prior permission of the superintendent.


Using heater and other electric appliances are banned in the hostel.


Boarders are advised to keep the key of their respective rooms in the keyboard placed in the hostel office at the time of leaving the room.


In boys’ hostel superintendent has got the right to open any locked room and search any room at any time without any notice to boarders or assigning any reason thereof


In girls’ hostel, no one is allowed to go beyond the office room and the room where doubts of the students are clarified. But if the superintendent and college authorities required to go beyond that, then they will be definitely accompanied by the lady caretaker.


Entry of male guests (Except minors) in girls hostel is strictly prohibited.The boarder is responsible for safe keeping of the belongings inside the hostel.


Neither the authority nor the superintendent is responsible for the loss/ damage of any belongings of the boarders.


All types of intoxication are strictly prohibited in the hostel.


The superintendent is not responsible for any type of accident or hazard that occurs to the boarders inside or outside the hostel.


Sickness of any boarder should immediately be brought to the notice of the hostel superintendent for treatment if necessary. The cost incurred towards the treatment will be borne by the boarders.


If any boarder wants to study after 12.00 midnight or before 5.00 am, he/she will use his/her own table lamp for reading purpose.


Harassment, torture in any form to the juniors/ freshers will be seriously viewed which may lead to expulsion from the hostel and legal action.


In case of any emergency, the hostel superintendent may give a short time notice to the boarders to vacate the hostel.


College / hostel authorities have the right to amend or frame new rules as and when circumstances demand.


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